How to call

In a medical emergency:


 Call (02) 9371 2222


1. Your call will be answered by one of our professional dispatchers. You will be asked a series of questions which are necessary for us to determine the nature of the emergency, and provide the most appropriate response. Some of these questions may be:

→ What is the problem?

→ What is the location of the emergency?

→ What is your telephone number?

→ Is the patient responsive? Breathing? Bleeding?


2. The dispatcher will then send the closest Hatzolah units to the location and inform you of the expected arrival time. Hatzolah Sydney has an average response time of 4 minutes in the Eastern Suburbs.


3. Our dispatchers will also call the NSW Ambulance Service.

In Melbourne Call (03) 9527 5111 or visit their website

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